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   We can offer a package to try and cover the most important historical periods of the country, or a specialised package on one of the periods of your interest. Our proposals could include:

- The Olympic Games and the Olympic Ideal

- Ancient Greek Mythology

- Environmental Education

- Classical Greece History

- Modern Greek History

Educational tours and educational proposals are created in cooperation with academics and teachers from all of the education levels, and we can easily create a combination of different subject areas such as Classical Greek History and Ancient Greek Mythology .

Please do not hesitate to contact us giving your available dates and interests so we can propose a specialised package which caters to your needs.


Educational Tours Photos

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1. Following Odysseus Steps

Athens - Delphi - Ithaca Island - Olympia - Messini - Mystras - Sparti - Epidaurus - Mycene - Nafplion or Tolo - Corinth Canal (7 Days)