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Katakolon-Archaeological site-Wine yard



   This tour combines a visit to the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia and a famous wine yard. It is aimed towards wine lovers and those who want to escape from the ordinary and to discover the golden Olympic land.

The excursion starts from the port of Katakolon and will head to the village of Ancient Olympia. In Ancient Olympia we will visit the archaeological site which is where the ancient Olympic games were held. The Archaeological Site of Olympia is one of the most important in the World as it continues to give to mankind the Olympic flame, and the message of sportsmanship and sacred world truce. At the archaeological site you may find a wide range of sport facilities  and  religious buildings of the ancient world, such as the Temple of Zeus (the largest temple in the Peloponnese) , The Philipeion , the Temple of Hera , the Stadium , the Palestra and many other sights to admire.  

Upon completion of the tour to the archaeological site, you will have the opportunity to experience the art of wine and meet the myth of the God ,Dionysus, who introduced the secrets of viticulture and wine to the residents of Ancient Greece. You may also try Olympic organic wines, derived from indigenous grape varieties ,along with Greek meze (appetizers) -an offer from our office.

Then, together with the tour guide, we will return to the Port of Katakolon to continue your journey with your cruise ship.