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Katakolon-Archaeological Site of Olympia-Traditional Greek cuisine



This tour is aimed towards lovers of good food and the culinary arts. The tour combines a visit to the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia along with participation in the preparation of traditional Greek food or tasting various traditional dishes (depending on how long it will be until you return to the ship).

Upon your arrival at the port, our experienced escort /tour guide will be waiting to depart with you to one of the most important archaeological sites worldwide. The Sanctuary Archaeological site of Olympia is the place where, in ancient times, athletes flocked from all over the Greek territory to participate in the Olympic Games-an idea which even today has global significance, after giving humanity the Olympic Flame and sending the message of sportsmanship and sacred, global truce. At the archaeological site, you will find the most complete set of sports facilities and religious buildings of the ancient world such as the Temple of Zeus (the largest temple in the Peloponnese), the Philippeion , the Temple of Hera , the Stadium , the Palestra and many other attractions, to examine and admire .

Upon completion of your visit to the archaeological site, you will have the opportunity to experience and taste authentic Greek cuisine in the Ambrosia Garden Restaurant. In a beautiful environment with a family atmosphere, you will participate actively in the preparation of a traditional Greek dish with fresh ingredients, which are produced in the rich earth of Olympia. You will learn the secrets of Greek cuisine and then you will have the opportunity to taste the recipe you created-and always along with Greek dancing and good local wine. Alternatively, there is the opportunity to taste a variety of local dishes and delicacies that the Spiliopoulos family will prepare for you- giving you the recipe to try yourself upon your return home.

Then, together with the tour guide, we will return to the Port of Katakolon to continue your journey on your cruise ship.